7. None of the guitar will be in tune. LOL!

8. Some kid will be playing too loud for too long. Always metal music.

9. It’s a dangerous place for guitar players with a credit card.

10. Bring a pick.

I have a love/hate relationship with Guitar Center. I love that you can try out anything. I hate that it can be a hassle to do so. No guitar cables available, guitars out of tune, the guitar you want to try is usually hanging at the top of a 12 foot wall, no power to the amp you want to try, no employees available, it’s often a noisy place so it’s hard to hear. All 1st world problems.

By the way those $3000 guitar are usually bought by lawyers. Most musicians can’t afford them. The most I have ever paid for a guitar was $1400. But if I hit the lottery…

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