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Mark Starlin

Now I can dump my Writing Index and save a lot of upkeep work

Max Langelott

Medium’s recently released Lists feature is perfect for me. I am going to use it to replace my current Story Index story.

I have kept an index story (called My Writings) pinned to my profile page since 2018. It is a categorized index of all my Medium writing. The problem is, it requires continual updating. I have to select the URL from each new story and add it to the appropriate index category.

It is not a lot of work, but it is easy to forget and fall behind.

Medium’s new Lists feature solves that problem. I can recreate my…


Yes, I used the British spelling of Rumors on purpose (and, no, I was never in Fleetwood Mac)

Japanned Tray, View of St Martin’s Church Birmingham, from the Bullring, 1815–1835 by Thomas Hollins • Birmingham Museums Trust

“You really must stop listening to those tiny people, My Dear. Those are not tea stains in the sky. Just unusually brown clouds. I admit the perspective in this town is off. And everything is out-of-proportion. But trust me, we are not painted characters on a tea tray.”

Based on the Centina Pentina prompt:

This week, your challenge has three musts:

  1. Write a story about trust.
  2. Using the word, “trust.”
  3. With a picture from the Birmingham Museums Trust.

As I was searching the Birmingham Museums Trust for an image to spark my story, I came across an interesting painting. …


There is no such thing in space

Image public domain, modified from original.

Janice Hale was the Captain of the scout ship Hope. Their mission was to reach KELT-4Ab and determine its viability for Human habitation. Humans had nearly exhausted the resources of Earth, and colonization was essential to Human survival.

Hale woke to the sight of Carlton, the ship AI android, watching her.

“Report,” Hale said to Carlton.

“KELT-4Ab proved inhospitable to Human life. Strong toxic gasses poisoned the atmosphere. Landing would have been catastrophic. I re-routed the ship to the nearest promising exoplanet, Gliese 667 Cc. I have orbited the planet for one Gliese year, collecting and analyzing data.”

“What did…

On Vella

Thomas Budach

If you haven’t heard, Amazon launched a new serial fiction platform today called Kindle Vella.

I have decided to boldly go and publish a story. It is called Space Traveler Fargone. Here is a brief description.

Space Traveler Fargone was a typical low-paid space freighter pilot until he posted some entertaining space logs about his side trips on SpaceBook. The splogs became so popular that his employer, Titanic Galactic Shipping, asked him to do them full time. He got a raise, a brand new ship, and something he didn’t want. The big boss’s niece as co-pilot. Join Fargone and Emma…


A day in the life of a stuffed bear

Taryn Elliott (edited)

Bernard patiently waited until Antonio went to school, then waddled over to the window.

Each day was like a play, and Bernard knew all the actors.

First to appear was Lorenzo. He delivered the milk.

Then Mr. Benetti would begin stocking the fruit and vegetable displays on the sidewalk at the market. Such wonderful colors!

Mrs. Russo would appear shortly after. She wanted first pick of the vegetables. Bernard could tell what was for dinner at the Russo’s by what Mrs. Russo selected.

Officer Colombo would be next. Mr. Benetti would offer him an apple. Officer Colombo would say he…


“Mountain” Jack Kennedy — Age 91

juan mendez

I was a young man when I tried to get a book deal for my incredibly valuable book, Super Useful Tips To Squeeze More Days Out Of Our Meager Human Lifespan.

But publishing companies kept telling me it wouldn’t sell. “People are not interested in advice books from old people,” they said in their rejection letters.

Well, guess what? Old people actually have advice worth listening to. They have a lifetime of experience.

Who in their right mind buys a book by a twenty-something writer titled How To Make Marriage Last A Lifetime. They don’t even know what a lifetime…


For a better alternative

Vlada Karpovich

I started a personal publication (Mark Starlin Writes!) a couple of years ago, mainly because I wanted a way to organize my writing. The Medium single-column feed is fine for current events and news commentary, but terrible for stories that have lasting value like fiction, humor, poetry, etc.

I was tired of watching my stories vanish down the feed, and I thought a personal publication would be a way to combat that. I could organize my writing into seven categories, each with a separate menu. And I would have control over the layout to an extent.

I enjoyed the experience…

Mark Starlin

Old bones. Young heart. Uniquely arranged words.

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