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Mark Starlin

Episode 8

Background image: Thomas Budach

“We have recreated the environment of our home planet, Stoni, here. You like it?” Mick asked.
“It is beautiful. We have similar environments on our planet, Earth,” I replied.
“Really? That’s cool,” Keith said.
I whispered to Em, “Shouldn’t you be taking video?”
“OMG! I completely forgot,” Em whispered back.
“Did you just say…

Even when you become a zombie

Abby Savage (edited)

In the wooded heart of Canada, the plaid-clad workers known as lumberjacks, or loggers, toil at their trade. Obviously, not all of them are named Jack, as that would be mighty confusing. But it just so happens that this story is about a logger named Jack. …

Episode 7

Background image: Thomas Budach

Em and I just stared.

“Does our appearance disturb you?” Flow asked.

“It is a little unnerving. Where we come from, everyone looks different. It is strange to see duplicates of ourselves,” I replied.

“Ah, I can adjust that.”

Flow and everyone else suddenly transformed and had new faces and…

A song parody of Domino by Van Morrison


Play the video at the end of the song and sing along!

Nonchalant school bus kids
At the New York Stock Exchange
You will get disgusted
Farts stinking at close range

In that case I’ll go buy ground round
Get Manwich, it’s the best
Don’t pour it in a hurry
Brown it first…

Mark Starlin

Old bones. Young heart. Uniquely arranged words.

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