Mark Starlin

Writing Lingo Bingo


Imagine if writers had to go through boot camp like soldiers.

“Alright, Boots. Listen up. It’s time to close TikTok, turn off your phones, and put away your dreams. This ain’t high school English class. This ain’t The Dead Poets Society. This ain’t The Inklings. This is Writing Boot Camp…

A Who Story

Ana kano

Verglas had traveled far and had finally reached his destination. He looked up the mountain. Then he checked his copy of the book. Yup, this is definitely Mount Crumpit, Verglas thought.

Verglas imagined him up there in his cave, enjoying the afterglow of his newly-increased heart size. Probably humming fahwho…

Letters Home

A letter home by Johnny Appleseed

Jen Theodore

Dear Father;

I hope all is well in Longmeadow. My work planting apple orchards continues with much success. In fact, I have become sort of a fanciful living legend. Folks have taken to calling me Johnny Appleseed. It is ridiculous, but I bear it as it opens many doors for…

Mark Starlin

Old bones. Young heart. Uniquely arranged words.

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