Stock Photo Story

A Boy And His Dog

Hanging out and chatting (little boys speak dog)

Mark Starlin
2 min readAug 5, 2023


Stephen Andrews

“So I’ve been thinking about this whole UFO thing. If there actually is a planet capable of supporting life somewhere out there that developed the technology to travel the unimaginably far distance to Earth in one of their lifetimes, would they just fly around the sky slowly in their super-fast ship and then leave? I doubt it.

“You can bet Humans wouldn’t do that. We would be landing and checking the planet out as a new colony. And if there were intelligent lifeforms on the planet, we would be making fools of ourselves trying to interact with them, totally ignoring the Star Trek prime directive.

“But what if they were like giant insects, and they ate the human space travelers? And then used our spaceship to fly to Earth and eat the rest of us? Or they were rock people and crushed us with their massive rock fists? Or they spit lava?

“Anyway. If it was possible, it probably would have happened by now. I mean, Earth is the only decent planet around. The rest are rock or gas. No one wants those. Earth has water and vegetation. And animals. If there is alien life, they would have invaded by now. Or made contact. Or they are too far away for it ever to happen. What do you think, Charlie?”

“I think I see a fish.”

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