Advice From Old Folks On How To Live Longer • 3

Rejection, rejection, rejection. My efforts to get my super helpful book on aging advice — Super Useful Tips To Squeeze More Days Out Of Our Meager Human Lifespan — traditionally published have been unsuccessful so far.

It’s like book publisher can’t see the benefits of such a book. If people live longer because they bought and read my book, then they will have more time to buy more books. It’s a double win!

While I wait for a publisher to grasp my book’s incredible potential, I will continue to share these useful tips here, one at a time, so you can savor each one. Allow them to soak in and become part of your consciousness. Then incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Here is tip number three:

If you go to the zoo and they say,

“Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll have that tiger caught in no time. Come on in.”

Don’t go in.

Longevity tips don’t get much better than that. Thank you, Shen.

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