An Invitation To Further Adventures / The Voyage Home Begins

Baron Britpop Blastfurnace • Part 50

Mark Starlin
4 min readJun 8, 2020


Cover design by Mark Starlin (royalty-free image by Andrey_Kuzmin)

An Invitation To Further Adventures

During the wedding feast, Lafayette and Marie once again asked us to join them for lunch the following day. Naturally, we accepted. So the day after the wedding, the three of us made our way to Lafayette’s home.

After a pleasant meal with lively conversation, Lafayette asked Andelbert and me to join him on the porch. There he shared the surprise he had told me about two days earlier.

“Lads, I am off to the American Colonies. Independence is imminent, and I desire to be a part of this just cause of freedom. They intend to create a citizen-run government. No monarchy to dictate decisions and horde riches. Only elected officials who will serve the people.

Their declaration of independence will undoubtedly result in war with the British, of whom I have no love. I will be glad to fight against the empire that caused my father’s death.

I have purchased a ship for the voyage and named her Victorie. I will sail soon for the Americas. I invite you to go with me. I realize it not a good time for you, Andelbert, as you are newly married, but perhaps I can persuade you, Britpop, to join me on this adventure. We will be witnessing history being made, and have an opportunity to be a part of it. What say you?”

“My dear friend and brother, I am honored by your invitation. But I have been on a remarkable adventure of my own for quite some time. I desire nothing more than to return to my home.”

“I am sad to hear it, but I understand. I will miss you both tremendously. It is rare to have such good companions.”

“It is indeed. I shall also miss you greatly,” Andelbert said.

“I think you shall have other things on your mind,” Lafayette said, and we all laughed.

“I have no such distractions, and I will miss you dearly. If your travels ever bring you to Kapri, you always welcome at my estate,” I said.



Mark Starlin