As someone raised in the evangelical church, it hurts my heart to see Christians defend Donald Trump.

When Evangelicals placed their trust in the Republican Party to defend their values (mainly beginning with The Moral Majority,) they were misguided. The Founding Fathers were correct to promote separation between church and state. They are two different missions (works) that don’t mix well.

But when Christians voted for Donald Trump, most knowingly traded their conscience for political power (the ends justify the means mentality.) They knew who they were voting for. A man who only plays lip service to faith. And certainly doesn’t display Christian values in his words or actions. He is not a man who represents their beliefs. Many or most Republicans held their nose and voted for him anyway.

Yes, there are true Trump supporters and believers, but I think many or most Republicans voted out of party loyalty and due to their extreme loathing of Hillary Clinton (and the Democrat party in general.) Now they are stuck. Vote for the devil who you know again. Or admit you were wrong and vote for another party. And how many people are willing to admit their political party is wrong? Or vote against their own party? Those are primary reasons I am an unaffiliated voter.

I don’t believe Donald Trump is the Antichrist. I don’t think he is smart or charismatic enough. My understanding is the antichrist will set up and rule over a one-world government. He will deny God and perform “wonders” (miracles) and demand worship. He will force people to take the mark of the beast to buy or sell goods. And usher in The Tribulation, which is believed to be a:

“relatively short period of time where everyone will experience worldwide hardships, disasters, famine, war, pain, and suffering, which will wipe out more than 75% of all life on the earth before the Second Coming of Christ takes place.” [Great Tribulation — Wikipedia]

I don’t think Donald Trump will be him. But I am no scholar of prophecy, so my opinion is just my opinion.

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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