Brains And Knuckles Get A Job

A Pasta Conglomerate Story


Anton Ivanov

Tony “Knuckles” Fettuccine and Mario “Brains” Linguine had stuffed the body of Bobby “Jackpot” Roulette in the trunk of Bobby’s orange Fiat 500 D. It was tight, but Mario managed to slam the hood closed. Mario drove the Fiat to the cliff at the edge of town. Tony followed in his blue Alfa Romeo Giulia Super.

“I can’t get the hood open,” Mario said.

“You shouldn’t have slammed it,” Tony said.

“Thanks for the tip, Knucklehead.”

“It’s Knuckles, not Knucklehead. What are we gonna do? We gotta make it look like Bobby drove off the cliff, or The Boss is gonna be mad. I don’t like it when The Boss gets mad. Like last week, when we…”

“Shut up, and get the crowbar out of your car.”