Brian, I appreciate your “change of heart?” Last month I was seeing a LOT of negative stories about Medium. It was obvious many long-time writers were discouraged and frustrated by Medium changes. It is understandable from what I read. I never experienced the “old Medium” so I could only go by what was written and couldn’t fully relate.

But I was growing concerned that things were becoming like Facebook where people spent all their time on Facebook complaining about Facebook. It seemed like some of the wonderful writers I enjoy on Medium were in a funk and went silent, or were venting, or threatening to leave Medium. Which is understandable from what I read. But the thought of them leaving was making me sad.

I had to quit reading those articles. They were depressing me. I even wrote a long article about all the good things I have experienced since joining Medium versus my previous empty experiences and burn-out publishing on the web. And why I was staying. But I didn’t publish it. It didn’t seem like the time was right.

I am not so sure about your statement “The changes are here to stay.” I think change is a constant on the internet. But I do agree that currently “there’s nowhere else to go.” There is nothing else like Medium for “independent” writers. At least not that I know of.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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