Brussels sprouts and Lima beans. It must be something about food named after cities.

Yeah, this list may be a little heavy on music. Ha, ha! But I love it like writers love words and books and writing.

We didn’t ride up Pike’s Peak. We took the cog railway up. That was fun too! Then the bike tour company met us at the top with the bikes and extra clothes. It as about 30 degrees at the top of the mountain. There was snow. Then we stopped along the way and took clothes off. Just shorts and t-shirts by the end. A good adventure.

I play in two bands. One is cover band. It is a large band (15 members) with a 5 piece horn section and four main singers. We mainly play music festivals and outdoor gigs because we don’t fit most inside places. LOL! I also have my own jazz band, but we are on a break right now. Playing guitar is the thing I do best.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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