Community is a main thing for me (and many others I’m sure.) And an audience who reads and interacts with my writing. I have found both on Medium. Something difficult to find anywhere else on the internet.

I understand Jonathan’s viewpoint. He writes mainly opinion pieces and essays, so he is competing directly with the professional writers and publications Medium is bringing on board. It must feel like a gut punch to him. I don’t write the “big ideas and important stories” that Medium favors and features so I know I am not going to get featured or big numbers.

I write in a little corner of Medium where the creative writers (fiction, poetry, humor) hang out. Where most writers support each other. Sadly, some negativity has crept into that little corner also. Although it seems to have subsided a bit.

I’ve been here 9 months. My numbers haven’t dropped dramatically like some long-time writers have experienced. Mine have only grown. Mostly because they are still small. But numbers aren’t why I do it. I do it because I enjoy it. And other seem to enjoy my writing. A small active audience is all I need. I never envisioned Medium as a career. If so, I probably would be dissapointed also. But I do appreciate making money from my writing. Every little bit helps.

Change is really the only constant on the internet. And on Medium. There are still a lot of good things to be found here. Excellent writers and stories. Publications (suportive communities.) Almost no ads. The ability to publish what you want, not what an editor wants. The ability to publish whenever you want. A little income if you want it. Interaction with your readers and other writers. An audience!

I hope people will remember the good and focus on that. You won’t find it elsewhere (at the moment.)

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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