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Dear, Miss McCormick

Stock Photo Story

Mark Starlin
1 min readNov 6, 2023


Janko Ferlic

“My Mom and Dad say I need to apologize. I am not supposed to use my teleportation powers at school. Actually, I am supposed to keep them secret. But when you said you always wanted to try skydiving, you sounded so excited, I couldn’t resist.

“I probably should have asked you before I sent you 10,000 feet up. That was a lack of good judgment on my part.

“And I wasn’t thinking about you wearing a dress. But no one could see you. I only let you fall to 5,000 feet before returning you to the classroom.

“I honestly thought you would be happy, getting to experience your dream. I wasn’t expecting that look of terror on your face when you got back. And your hair. What a mess!

“I’ve never seen a grown-up faint before. And we did get to see paramedics work on you. That was educational.

“What I did was wrong. I’m sorry. Would you like an apple?”

Stock Photo Stories give you the real stories behind the photos. That I might have made up.