Dennett, apparently, you never receive proper training in the appreciation of culinary art. Donuts are not ugly. On the contrary. They are beautiful. Look at the photo at the top of this story. Donuts are tasty, edible circles of art. And like most things, fine when done in moderation. I hope you don’t hold equal contempt for french fries and churros. What a tragedy that would be.

I suspect this unsettling opinion is a side-effect of the continual, overpowering humidity of Florida. It is well-known to make people cranky and confused. And you are plainly confused about donuts.

But as one of my Medium friends, I am willing to overlook your misguided disgust for donuts and focus on the things we have in common. Like writing and humor and our mutual affection for Captains named Peanut Butter or Argentina.

Thank you for the kind words and all the claps and reads!


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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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