Every publication and publisher has a certain standard or “voice.” And they choose or edit material to fit that voice. Medium doesn’t. Medium obviously prefers and features specific topics, and we all know what those are. But it also allows anyone to publish. The good, the bad, the serious, the funny, the meticulously edited, and the raw.

It is like a treasure hunt. I wade through the self-help, crypto currency, success advice, business, politics (all the while being diligent to select “show fewer stories like this”) until I finally find authors who write quirky humor, or touching poetry, or excellent fiction. In other words, creative writing. Then I follow them. I also find a few authors who write “serious” stories that I enjoy because of their writing “voice.”

Do I care if a story is New Yorker quality? Not really. I don’t always want writing edited to a generic voice that appeals to a mass market either. I like writing with character. And I’ll gladly endure (and serve up) some “clunkers” to find it.

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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