For Crimes Against The Universe

Stock Photo Stories

It was bound to happen. Space aliens began abducting humans. Not just in rural locations, but everywhere. Thousands of men over the age of 30 were taken each day. You could be walking down the street one minute and suddenly sucked into the sky the next.

Earth went on high alert.

Unfortunately, the alien ships had cloaking tech and could not be detected. There was panic in the streets. World governments called for 24-hour curfews. No one was allowed to leave their homes. The military patrolled the streets of every nation.

Then on the fifth day of the crisis, all the abducted men were found together in the desert of New Mexico. All minus their pants.

Suddenly a voice was heard from the sky.

“Humans. We have tolerated your poor fashion choices for centuries, but this Skinny Jean travesty must stop. The other Universes are laughing at us. Show some self-respect.”

Then they were gone.

Will they return? I guess that depends on our fashion choices.

Check your closets.

Stock Photo Stories give you the real stories behind the photos. That I might have made up.

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