Forget Social Media, You Need A Hobby

You’ve wasted enough of your life sharing memes, time to get real again

Mark Starlin


You already know it deep down in your heart. So I am just going to come out and say it. Social Media is NOT social. It is isolating. You have zoned out the world and are staring at a screen. How is that social? Yes, you are interacting with other people staring at their screens. But come on, is that really social?

Don’t you long for a hug or a high five? Or some weird handshake? Don’t you want to experience conversation or laughter with another human being face to face? To share a real moment of connection?

Humans need more than online likes and claps and heart icons to thrive. They need in-person social interaction with other humans. The kind of humans people used to call friends.

Duy Pham

Now, I am not saying that online friends are not real friends. You can form a relationship with someone you’ve only interacted with online. That relationship can grow into friendship. I’ve experienced it. But it isn’t the same kind of friendship you have with people you physically spend time with.