Give Your Medium Stories A New Audience On Substack

They aren’t doing you any good buried down your Medium Profile page

Mark Starlin
8 min readDec 8, 2021


If you are a writer, you have probably heard of Substack by now. It is a newsletter platform that has been growing in popularity. The basic idea is, don’t hope readers will come to you (website); send your stories to them (via email.)

Some Medium writers have jumped ship to Substack, but there is no reason you can’t do both, using the same content, and enjoy two audiences for your stories.

Note: I am writing this story using my creative writing as an example, but it should also work (probably better) for non-fiction.

No Need To Be Exclusive

Writers are no longer under the thumb of traditional publishers (unless they choose to be.) There are currently a wealth of writing platforms available to writers that allow you to publish at will. You can self-publish books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others. You can write articles for Medium, Newsbreak, and others. You can publish serial stories on Wattpad, Royal Road, and others. And you can host your own blog or website. Although almost no one “surfs the web” anymore. They search the web and visit social media. So a personal website better serves as a road map to where you are actively publishing.

Most online writing platforms are not exclusive (unless you choose to be, like Kindle Unlimited and Vella.) So why should your stories be exclusive to one platform when they can be on two or more? That exclusive mindset is a relic of the old traditional publishing model. Even today, if you traditionally publish a book, you will be forced to make it exclusive to one publisher. But if you are publishing online, there is no reason your story can’t be on multiple platforms.

There is little drawback to being on multiple platforms, and the benefits usually outweigh any negatives. The biggest drawback is time. It does take a little extra time to publish your story on more than one platform. But it is usually minimal. Once you write the story, it is usually just a matter of copying and pasting it into your chosen platforms.