Ha, ha, John. Thanks. Those AM radios didn’t have the greatest speakers, and were mono, so misheard lyrics were common. And funny! Of course, the classic CCR “There’s a bathroom on the right” instead of “There’s a bad moon on the rise.”

I used to think John Lennon was singing “So why I love to come home…” instead of “So why on earth should I moan…” on A Hard Day’s Night. And I used to hear Gordon Lightfoot sing “Every Highway” instead of “Carefree Highway.” And Steve Perry (Journey) sing “Born and raised in self control” instead of “born and raise in south Detriot.” LOL!

And lots more, I’m sure, I have forgotten. I have seen hundreds of them over the years. They are fun to read.

I used to change the lyrics also to make songs funny. Changing any song with “love” to “lunch” usually works: “You get the best of my lunch.” Stuff like that.

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