Ha, Ha! LinkedIn is basically Facebook for workaholics. I had a LinkedIn account for a while. Why? I really have no clue. “Because you need one!” Everyone said. I never got a guitar student or a gig from LinkedIn. I don’t like to brag about my “accomplishments.” There was no point to it for me.

One day my LinkedIn account got hacked. Everything was gone. Except my name. That’s cool. I’ll just delete my account. HA! I had to go on a treasure hunt to find a link to contact LinkedIn so I could send a request to delete my account. Then wait for one of their representative to contact me and tell me I would need to provide photo ID proof of who I was before I could delete my account. “But, I didn’t need ID to sign up. And I know my password.” What a hassle.

I’m glad to be done with another time-waster. I opened the cage and let Twitter fly away also.

I think I may be becoming a grumpy old man. I wonder if there is a social media app for old grumps?

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