Hop Out Of Your Comfort Zone (The Woods)

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It’s no secret that bunnies are timid. That is why you rarely see them as action movie stars. Those roles usually go to dogs. Why? Dogs aren’t afraid to charge into any situation. Bunnies are always running for cover. And cover usually means the woods.

Do you think Lassie would be famous if he hid under Timmy’s bed? No.

Would Beethoven have gotten his own movie by being timid? No way bunny.

Would Tramp have gotten the Lady by being shy? Not a pasta noodle’s chance.

It’s time for bunnies to be bold and get out of their comfort zone, the woods.

I know, it goes against our nature to be bold. Don’t worry. I have developed a few things to help.

First off is a theme song. Would Rocky have developed the eye of the tiger without his theme song? I doubt it. And I pity the fool that tries. So I have recorded a playlist of songs you can use to pump up your bravery. Check it out:

It’s a Bunny’s World by James Brown Bunny

We Are The Bunnies by Bunny Queen

Everybody Was Kung Fu Bunny by Carl “Rabid Rabbit” Douglas

Fight Bunny by Rachel Hare Platten

Fight For Your Right To Bunny by The Beastie Bunnies

What Doesn’t Kill You In The Forest? by Kelly Fluffy Clarkston

Next up is a secret organization of super-powered bunnies to have your backs. I am calling them Agents Of B.U.N.N.Y (Bunnies Unlike Normally Nervous You.)

They will be there in a super-powered hop to fight for you if necessary. So there is no need to hide in the woods.

Finally, some sunglasses. They not only keep the sun out of your eyes, they make you look bold. Which is 90% of being bold.

So get out of your comfort zone and be a bold bunny. Besides, you don’t really have a choice. They are cutting the woods down to put up condos.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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