Humor In A Time Of Social Upheaval

Is it alright to be funny?

We are living in a time of injustice. People are mad, and rightfully so. The brutal murder of George Floyd was the spark that set off an explosion of anger that had been brewing for generations.

Our nation was founded on the protest of injustice, and it is a valid way to bring about change when politicians refuse to act. Protest is often fueled by righteous anger. It shakes people out of complacency and encourages action.

So where does that leave humor? Humor has the ability to lighten weary and stressed hearts. Is it welcome in a time of strife? Will it be a detriment to the cause, or will it make life bearable in a time of unbearable sadness and anger?

As a writer who writes a considerable amount of humor, I have no answer. I firmly believe humor is necessary during The Great Interruption (Covid 19 Pandemic), to counteract anxiety and fear. But does that also hold true for social upheaval?

Should I join the ranks of most writers and attempt to write serious stories about racism, even though serious essays are not my strength? I don’t believe that is a wise decision.

Should humorists and comedians avoid humor and allow the rage to burn hot? Is this no time to be funny?

Or do you feel humor is needed now more than ever?

Can we endure a world without humor? How long?

Should humorists continue publishing humor for those who want a brief escape from the madness of the times? To take the edge off the sadness?

Do you feel like being funny? Or laughing?

Is it alright to be funny?

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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