I agree. I have never considered a career in writing. And I have no desire to face countless rejections before getting a story published. When I discovered Medium, I knew I had found my outlet for my writing. I can publish anything I like. I love the freedom. But I do consider my audience which I have build mainly on humor, fiction, and poetry.

I also realize that Medium is not particularly interested in humor, fiction, or poetry. They favor non-fiction and opinion pieces. Which I rarely write. So I know my chances of being curated to the Featured Section on the home page (or in their publications) are almost nil.

It doesn’t matter. I have found a small, loyal audience and I write for them. The interaction with them is worth more to me than a few dollars from a traditional publication.

I have improved as a writer thanks to steady practice writing for Medium. And the feedback is helpful to learn what works and doesn’t.

I have no illusions of big money or a writing career. But I will enjoy writing on Medium for as long as it lasts (or until people ruin it.) There is currently nothing else like it.

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