I agree. Medium is a great place to write and read, as you described in detail in your essay.

The outrage about changes in Medium seems to have died down a bit since last year, but there are still some very vocal disgruntled writers on Medium. I think there were some who thought Medium was going to be their ticket to a writing career and when it didn’t happen, they blamed Medium. I had to stop following and reading a few writers because their output became almost solely Medium bashing.

Sure, writers have the option and freedom (thanks to Medium) to express their concerns here, but when Medium bashing becomes a regular topic, it sounds like someone who complains about their parents every day yet still lives at home. If you hate it so much, move out already. Stop whining and take action.

Most writers won’t earn a living here, but it is just one gig. Just like most musicians, most writers need more than one source of income to survive. That is the reality. Don’t blame Medium. Get busy or get a different career.

Medium has been an overall positive experience for me. And I’ll stay as long as it remains that way.

Thank you Medium.

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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