I agree, quality should be rewarded over quantity or length.

We have been conditioned to tip at restaurants because we know the wait staff depend on it. It has become customary. I am not sure it would work as well here. It would be a nice option, but sadly, I think only a few would add any extra. I read at least 10 great stories per month. It would be difficult to give them each $10 bucks. That’s $100 for basically 30–60 minutes of reading. I could buy a dozen novels for that amount.

And of course, you would get the worst of human nature that says, “Why should I tip them, when no one tips me?” or “I’m a writer, I can’t afford to tip anyone.” Cue the irony.

But I think most people would be happy to give away the money they already spent on the monthly fee.

Perhaps, if people became accustomed to the idea, it could work. But that would take a while. And a cultural shift. Culture expects everything creative online to be free now. Look at Unsplash. Would writers pay for story photos now? Nope. Why should they, when they can get them free?

Anyway, it’s all academic. I don’t see my idea happening here.

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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