I agree with A. Moms rule. Dad’s referee. I am sure my parents were happy if my brother and I simply survived the vacation alive. We live on opposite coasts now so we get along as adults.

Of my three girls the oldest was the tender-hearted one (like her Dad). Now married, working, with one son. The middle one was strong-willed, confident, and fiercely independent (like her Mom.) Now married with two sons and stays at home with the kids, and the chickens. LOL! And the youngest who we called “The Instigator.” Super ambitious (like neither of us.) She was always tyring to be “in charge” and regularly stirred up her sister’s anger. She became our overachiever, straight A student who recently got her master degree in education administration from NYU and lives/works in New York city with her overachiever husband who just became the youngest VP of marketing that NBC has ever had at age 32.

You just never know how they will turn out. Parenting is an amazing ride.

I like people watching also.

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