I am 58. When I was a teen I dreamed of being a famous rock star. Well that never happened, but I continued to play guitar in bands, at church, camps, jams, basically whenever I go the chance. And what I learned was, the dream was actually to play music for an appreciative audience.

About ten years ago I joined a large cover band of talented “weekend warriors” who all have day jobs but play music on the weekends for fun. The idea of playing for fun—taking the money out of the equation—appealed to me. It has been a great experience. We play mainly local outdoor music festivals in the spring through fall. Just the fun gigs. It’s great.

A couple of months ago I started playing acoustic guitar and singing with two other guys because I rarely get to play acoustic live and I wanted to do some original songs I wrote. We started doing open mics. It has been a great experience. Everyone has been very encouraging and I have met a lot of new musicians. We have already been asked about doing full gigs. We just have to get enough songs together.

It’s good to dream big. But sometimes it even better to just do something.

Go make some music!

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