I am quite similar in that I write about a lot of different things. Some things are short (one sentence, even.) Some are longer. But the one thing they all have in common is they all express me. My personality, character, humor, point of view. I hope that is what people are looking for.

I could write about anything. As long as I express it honestly from my viewpoint, it will be unique to me. The people who like one thing I wrote will probably find more things to like.

Is that the “smart” thing to do. It depends. I am not chasing after newseletter subscribers, or selling how-to courses, or books (yet. Like most here, I have a novel in the works.) I just want followers who like what I have written. If that is only 10 people, I will be disappointed. We all want our “creative output” to be appreciated by as large a number as possible. But I would rather have 10 real “fans” who like my writing, than 10,000 who think I can make them rich or solve their problems.

If you honestly want feedback, I have noticed that you often post 5 or 6 things a day. That may be over-saturation for most readers. There is an old show business expression: “Leave them wanting more.” It is good advice. Would you go see the same band every week? Probably not for long. Unless they were incredibly gifted and could come up with great new songs regularly.

I would say, keep writing but don’t post so many things per day. I use Scrivener writing app to do my writing. In it I have hundreds of short writings stored up. I go through them and pick one to post. I then re-read it and try to make it even better. I often find I could have said things better, add more, take bad parts out, or make it funnier. Then I select the proper image for it from UnSplash (you should use images —it’s easy and free. Without them your posts look like replies.) Then I post it. I try to make it the best I can do before posting.

“Off the top of the head” stuff is fine sometimes. But too much is, frankly, too much (for me.) I can get that on Facebook. Although my replies are off the top of my head, and sometimes I feel that replies are some of my best writing.

I am not a famous writer. So take my advice for what it’s worth. Best wishes.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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