I completely agree Tracy. I see people on Medium write “I write for myself.” Maybe they do. But why then do they post it? I think they want others to read it and appreciate it also.

I think most people doing creative things want others to enjoy their efforts. Whether it’s writing, singing, painting, cooking a meal, whatever. An audience is a good thing. It lets us know if what we are doing touches others in some way.

Sure, I sometimes make music for my own enjoyment. I do that in private. But there is nothing like playing for an audience. It’s exhilarating.

Medium is a stage and an audience. An audience for writing. An audience that responses. A great audience.

Without an audience, I wouldn’t write much. Grocery lists maybe. I am not a diary or journal kind of person. For me, writing is creativity. And I like to share my creativity.

I need a creative outlet. And an audience. That’s why I love Medium.

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