I don’t read movie reviews before I see movies, because they are simply one person’s opinion (no offense) and often contain spoilers. I like to form my own opinions. I finally saw SOLO on an airplane this morning. Obviously, not the ideal viewing situation, but it was free. LOL! So I just read this review to see how our opinions compare.

I thought it was pretty solid movie. I didn’t mind the mind the re-casting. Anymore than I minded the recasting of the new Star Trek movies. Movies that I actually liked better than the original Star Trek movies.

Obviously, it is a thankless task to go against the fanatical nostalgia for the original trilogy of Star Wars movies. As evidenced by the beating George Lucas took for modifying his own movies.

But I enjoyed the Han backstory. I liked the casting, and thought all the actors did a good job. The story was fine. Star Wars has never really been about plot or great acting (or even overcoming the awful dialog in the original trilogy. LOL!) It’s about likeable characters getting into and out of jams together, and big space battles. And good vs. evil, of course.

I enjoyed watching Solo. That’s all I ask from a movie.

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