I don’t think anyone needs to write everyday. No sane person works seven days a week unless they have no choice. Why write seven days a week? Sometimes life prevents it. Sometimes you have no ideas. Sometimes you just need a break. Breaks are good for you.

You seem to be a prolific writer. If you write two or three stories one day. Schedule them for consecutive days, one per day. Then you can take a day or two off if you want. The more stories you stock pile and schedule ahead of time, the less pressure you feel to write every day.

I usually have several stories “in progress” and several “ready to post.” I usually have three or four days worth of stories scheduled in advance. I post every day, but I don’t write every day. I have a stock pile of stories built up so I don’t have to.

And there is no reason anyone needs to post every day either.

Live life.

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