I have used two methods to organize my writings. Both have advantages and drawbacks.

My first attempt was similar to yours. I created an Index and featured it on my Profile page. I took it one step further. I broke my stories down into eight topics. Each topic has its own page that is linked to the featured index.

This is a good way to organize all your stories. But it has drawbacks. It requires continual updating (it gets old quick.) And according to my stats almost no one looks at it. I keep it up simply for my own use. I find it handy for locating similar stories when I add links to an older stories at the end of a new story.

After about a year on Medium, I decided to start my own personal publication (Mark Starlin Writes!) to feature my stories. Publications are much more flexible. You can create menus at the top for topics/genres. And you have a lot more flexiblity when you organize it. It automatically updates itself. Hurray! And you can send out letters to everyone who follows your publication. Medium does all the work for you. They keep your follower email list and send out the emails. All you have to do is compose the letter and hit a button to send them out.

The drawback is you can’t include stories of your that have been published in other publication. You can make a story (index) that lists them and feature it on your publication, but like a Profile page index, I doubt many people will look at it.

I have done my personal publication for a few months. I am not sure if it has helped much, but it makes me feel better knowing my stories are not just disappearing down a single scrolling feed.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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