I imagine Medium thinks the “Big Name” articles will bring in paying readers. But what I have seen in my short time here (under two months) is that the bulk of the content is by “not-big-name” writers who also read. Although Medium continues to fill my home page with big name content I have no interest in. And from what I’ve seen in comments and articles, most are not interested in the “big name” stuff either.

I only have 100 followers (so my perspective may be atypical) and I have visited every one of their profile pages (when they follow me, to see if I would like to follow them back.) And I have 2 followers who are not actively writing —just reading. That is 98% writers following me. And Medium seems to be chasing after the 2% readers. Doesn’t make sense to me. Medium is a great place for writers (who also read.) Why not make the “not-big-name” writers the focus. And let the 2% looking for “big name” content (they can get elsewhere) go, or hopefully find content here they can’t find elsewhere.

P.S. I abandoned Facebook due to political rants and incessant business/self-promotion. I sure don’t want it here.

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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