I think most people who turn “hobbies” into careers find it difficult to keep the same level of joy. You instantly put pressure on yourself when you do something for money.

When I decided to teach guitar for a living, making music changed for me. It became a job. I had to keep teaching separate (my business) from playing for the love of playing music. I play in a couple of bands, but I do those for fun. The little money I make gigging is just a bonus for me. I don’t count on it. I don’t let it take my joy away.

I view writing as a hobby that Medium inexplicably pays me for. It’s not my career. Writing is too difficult a career for me. LOL! I write because I love to create things. And Medium gives my creations an audience. The money is appreciated, but I don’t depend on it. Or let it influence my writing too much.

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