I think the “I got mine, you get yours” mentality and “I don’t trust our corrupt and ineffective government with my money.” is common among the well off, and the not so well off also. Obviously, not every wealthy person feels that way. Some are very generous. And when they become ridiculously (Bill Gates or Oprah) wealthy and get bored of buying stuff, then they usually want to give some away. As they should.

I wish people were generous enough to charities that the government wouldn’t need to step in so much.

I don’t want the government trying to take care of everyone. We have two polar opposite views running government and we all suffer for it. It results in the government doing an ineffective job handling social projects (and most other projects as well.) The Affordable Care Act failed miserably in my case. I am sure many others also. They wanted me to pay $1200 a month for health insurance this year. That was the cheapest rate I could get. How is that affordable? I didn’t earn much more than that. I had to go on my wife’s insurance. Thank God she works for a company that still offers it to employees. (Don’t get me started on health care costs.)

There are times when the government has to step in, but I would rather friends, families, neighbors, churches, and charities took care of people in need. Sadly that requires generosity, interest, and volunteering from everyone. And that isn’t usually the case.

Sorry for the rant. That’s why I don’t usually post stuff like this. I get too wound up. LOL!

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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