I totally agree. But this goes against everything the blogging world has taught and continues to teach. “Promote! Sell! Make sure they join your email list. Link to your blog. Follow everyone so they will follow you. Have a presence on every social media known to man. Funnel it all back to your email list where you can sell, promote, and sell some more.”

If the goal is simply making money, that system might work. But if you are on all those platforms how can you give them any real attention?

When do you have time to write anything of quality when you are so busy promoting yourself.

I think anyone doing something creative like art, music, or writing wants to have their creative efforts seen by as many people as possible. But it is a two edged sword.

I probably don’t have to worry about having thousands of followers, as I don’t do much promoting. I recently dumped Twitter and LinkedIn. And I have pretty much given up on the nightmare that is Facebook now. But if I did have a large following, I hope I could maintain a small core group within that following that I interact with regularly.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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