I wonder, could you not also be moved by creative writing (aside from the novel Medium published?) Poetry and fiction can be deeply moving. Even humor can move people when it shines a light on the human condition.

I would be happy to enlist as a Creative Writing editor for a fat San Francisco style salary, the ability to work from home (east coast), and a stack of Medium t-shirts to wear while working. Call me.

Seriously, a vibrant community of fiction writers, poets, and humorists exist on Medium. It is a shame Medium chooses to ignore them for the most part (as the collections, homepage topic list, and this story testify.) Surely there is room for all types of writing in the spotlight.

I do love Medium. And greatly appreciate the opportunity it has given me to publish at will to a large potential audience. I just wish creative writing got a little more attention by Medium’s editors. Thanks.

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