In 2008 I thought Facebook was great. But I didn’t use it “properly.” I would just share my wacky thoughts and stories with friends. And they would make goofy comments back. It was fun. And people seemed to like it.

Then Facebook became mostly ads, political rants, self-promotion, political rants, 50-times-a-day-saying-nothing posters, political rants, people sharing news and videos I have no interest in, political rants, people posting music lyrics, political rants, photos of peole I have no clue who they are, fund raisers, quotes, quotes, quotes, political rants… ARRGH!

I have pretty much given up on social media. I closed out my LinkedIn (not sure why I even had “Facebook for the career oriented/obssesed”) and Twitter accounts (it was too weird for me anyway — all those pound signs, and little circled a’s, and unfinished sentences.) I still check Instagram occassionaly to see photos my daughter in New York City posts. Because they are cool. And I occassionaly post photos for far-away family to see. But I hardly browse anymore.

I guess Medium is my new weird thoughts and stories outlet. Except with strangers instead of friends. Although, I’m not sure anyone actually “gets me” here yet. Or maybe they do and have moved on to actual intelligent writing.

I am probably not using Medium “properly”, but right now, I think Medium is pretty great.

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