Invention Log: Tree To Yellow Pencil Converter Helmet

Thoughts on initial test:

Helmet needs some type of bark smelling system to locate appropriate trees (or maybe just a dog.)

The steel entrance hole needed to accommodate tree trunks is quite large, adding considerable weight to the helmet.

Crane needed to lift tree trunks off the ground makes helmet challenging to balance.

Cutting and hexagonal planing device causes quite a bit of head vibration.

Fumes from yellow paint make me giddy.

Humongous amounts of sawdust left over from process make cleanup painstaking — consider adding a vacuum device or wood burner.

Or perhaps the kiln used to temper the combined clay and graphite marking strings before dipping them into molten oil could also be used to incinerate the tree remnants.

Encountered several irritated avian species during the test.

Resulting pencil appears to be a success. Bring a pencil sharpener and paper to the test site next time.

Try boosting productivity from one pencil per tree to a higher number.

Not convinced a helmet is the most efficient way to make pencils.

Maybe a Tree To #2 Yellow Pencil Converting Little Red Wagon would be more practical, especially with an attached sandwich cooler.

Written by

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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