It seem apparent that concise writing will take a hit under the new system (regardless of content, I believe.) But I wonder how longer writing is doing under the new system? Are those 12 minute essays and self-help articles making more? Of is this system designed to pay everyone less?

I recently released a 7-minute fiction story. It should be noted that my longer fiction has never gotten many reads (despite it being AWESOME!) This one got 16 complete reads out of 36 views, and has earned $2.30 in the five days since it published it. Obviously, I won’t be retiring on my Medium earnings.

One interesting thing I have noticed about the new system. No matter what I publish, short, long, humor, essay, poetry, song parody, fiction, micro-fiction, nonsense, I have consistently earned between $3.25 and $3.50 per day since November 01. I would think there would be a bigger difference day to day since my story lengths have varied day to day. Maybe it’s a fluke. Or the result of old stories still earning a few pennies each day. Again, not earth-shattering income.

I realize I am an amateur writer. Most of what I write (perhaps all of it) wouldn’t get published anywhere else. And certainly wouldn’t get paid for. And I still make more than I did on Facebook ($0.)

Regardless, one thing is quite obvious. People don’t like getting paid less. Even if it wasn’t much to start with.

I could be wrong—I am fairly well-known for that— but I don’t see Medium going back to the clap system and the reciprocal clap clubs who hacked it. I suggested to Medium that they include the Responses in the story read time. That way, shorter stories that get a lot of engagement would earn more. That seems fairer to me.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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