It’s tough to trick someone with your perspicacity, Tracy.

I personally think 23 is too high a number to qualify as a top 10 number. In fact, I challenge the long held popular dogma that 10 should be on the list. 0 (zero) should be the rightful owner of that honor. 10 is nothing but a 1 and a 0 stuck together. Although it is generally considered a number by the masses. But you know how Americans can be about debating every little thing, and droning on and on about their opinions, and going to ridiculous lengths to prove they are right even when they know they are wrong. So I went with the popular list, not the mathematical scholarly list, which would have correctly used 0. A pure, single digit number.

Anyway, I am adding “listiclatious” to my next list I am calling: “10 New Words I Didn’t Come Up With But Like As Much As The Ones I Did Make Up.”

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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