J.P., at the risk of not being funny, I will share some thoughts.

I honestly don’t want a seperate site for Humor. And I don’t write or read humor exclusively, so I don’t want to have to check two Medium sites every day. And a seperate Medium Humor site would have a significantly smaller audience than the current Medium. It’s a two edge sword. More dedicated readers but far less potential readers. Some other “creative writing” (fiction, poetry, and other neglected topics) writers are calling for the same thing for their preferred topic. I don’t see it happening.

But I would love to be able to customize the topics links on Medium’s homepage. I think everyone would like this. I never use them now. Or having Humor be a topic that is accessible without having to click OTHER first. Currently, I follow good humor writers on Medium when I find them. (Your list of tags will get some exploring by me.) But this doesn’t help me find new writers. So I do a search with the tag Humor.

And I do think Humor writers could support and promote each other more. Fiction writers are pretty good about this. I do a monthly “Favorite Reads” post that lists a dozen fiction stories per month that I really enjoyed. This helps people find stories and writers they might have missed. Perhaps humor writers could do a similar thing: “My Favorite Humor Reads In June”.

Now back to being silly…

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