Jack, did you know you can click on one of the Stats topic headers (Views, Reads, Read Ratio, Fans) and it will sort your stats by that column beginning with the highest number? Click on Fans and it will show you your top stories by Fans.

It works for all four categories. It will also sort them by your lowest numbers if you want to know which story is your biggest bomb. LOL!

Sometimes, though, I have to click three different categories in a row before it works. I get a notice that says "Could not sort stats." I ignore that and try another category until it works. I think it might be because I have hundreds of stories (I was a little obsessive the first two years.)

Here is what I got by clicking on Fans:

But it doesn’t allow “by year” so you have to scroll through the list until you find ones you think are from this year and check. None of the stories on this list were from 2020. I guess I am a “has been.” 😉

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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