James, I don’t think you are failing on Medium. Not if you are writing what you heart tells you to and interacting with other writers. And enjoying the experience.

Medium stats are tricky. I think your stats are probably average for 125 followers. The graph at the top of your View Stats is views of both stories and responses. My current follower count is 222 and my top everything “views” per day was 234. My current views per day average is probably around 100. But the most views a single story of mine ever got was 120 total. And the average for one of my stories is usually in the low double digits (or less.) I think reads and fans are more important than views. My highest reads was 77. And my highest fans was 40. But comments are the best judge of a successful story to me.

My numbers are low, but I still feel successful because I have a small group of writers and readers who regularly read my stories and comment. To me, a small group of real “followers” (I think of them as friends) is better than thousands who never read your stuff.

A lot of the stories on Medium with thousands of reads are from self-promotion gurus (with thousands of followers — many brought from their Twitter account) writing about self-promotion. And the readers are people who want to be “successful writers” like them. But I’m not here to hack Medium, or chase numbers. I’m sure those self-help and productivity gurus are making good money, but I couldn’t write on the same topic every day. I enjoy variety in writing. If that keeps my numbers low, I am alright with that.

Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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