Joey’s Unusual Morning

Joey loved Beth with all his heart. He found her carefree personality and cute looks irresistible. When she agreed to marry him, it was the happiest day of his life.

But a few years later, his beautiful bride developed a snore. Not just a light snore, but a rafter-shaking, chainsaw-shaming, lawnmower-loud snore.

Joey couldn’t stand it. He typically waited until Beth was asleep and then went out to the living room and slept on the couch with two pillows over his ears.

He did the same thing last night. Then he had a weird dream. He dreamed he was being chased by a growling pack of wolves. He ran as fast as he could, climbing a hill to escape. He climbed and climbed until he could no longer hear the wolves. Then, exhausted, he fell asleep.

Imagine Joey’s surprise when he woke up on the top of a mountain.

And he realized he left his phone on the coffee table.

Stock Photo Stories give you the real stories behind the photos.*

[*That I might have made up.]

Old bones. Young heart. Humor. Fiction. Poetry. Comics. Other Stories.

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