Matthew, I am glad to hear it. That is hopeful, although I feel you might be an exception. I have made money on my fiction. But not much. My most read Fiction (really more of a humor story) “Why I Got A Cat” got almost 500 reads and 2.3k claps. Yet it has earned only $19 total since April. None of my curated (or uncurated) fiction has topped $20. Most is under $5. I am not complaining about getting paid. Anything is more than I expected. But it is not what I would consider “decent” money.

And any of my longer fiction: 12 minutes, 14 minutes, etc. is lucky to get four reads. I recently started writing micro-ficiton and it has done better than than the rest of my fiction by far, based on reads. One of those stories “Under Presure” got curated and has earned $5.

I won’t be quiting my job anytime soon to write fiction on Medium. 🙂

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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