Medium does have its own preferences on the topics they feature. Which is their prerogative. And the trade off of publishing here. I write mainly humor and fiction. Categories that Medium basically ignores. Although I have been featured in the Humor and Comic sections a few times and gotten 500+ views. Fiction doesn’t have a category, but when I publish fiction in Lit Up I get hundreds of views.

Unless you write about self-help or crypto currency or psychology or politics or Medium’s topic of the month it is a challenge to get noticed.

I have built my small following by posting and commenting. No hacks. Close to 400 followers in four months. It is not a giant number but growing. And I have regular readers and commenters. Which is what I am after. Writing is not my career. But it is something I enjoy. And I appreciate the extra money I earn here. It pays for my internet, Medium subscription and Netflix. LOL! I doubt anyone can make a living solely writing on Medium. It’s just one source of income. One gig.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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