Medium has a Jekyll & Hyde syndrome. Both good and bad. It wants to be a high-quality magazine (publication) platform, but it’s layout functions as social media. Because of its continuous scrolling feed format, few people actually scroll a writer’s profile page. It’s a cumbersome way to find stories. So they read the new content in their main feed. It’s easier. Old content essentially disappears. And as Medium grows so does competition. More writers, more stories, it’s harder to get noticed.

If you are selective about following you can see your favorite writers regularly in the “New from your network” feed. Although it is only their newest post. Still, it is wonderful that you can interact with writers you like by commenting on their stories. And you don’t have to visit dozens of individual websites or blogs to do it.

Medium is a writer hang-out and playground. That makes it unique. And fun if you view it that way.

But Medium doesn’t promote writers, it promotes stories. If you want a writing portfolio you need a website or blog of your own. And as many writers have discovered, unless you are famous or write extremely well on popular topics, good luck getting many to visit it.

Writing on Medium is not a career. It can be part of a writing career, or a side job, or a hobby. Don’t place your financial hopes in it. Publishing is an industry in flux. So is Medium.

I wish you well, Vico, whatever path you take. I hope you continue to write on Medium, at least occasionally.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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