Medium is a tough nut to crack. My most viewed and read story by a mile and a half (15.k views and 9.5k reads — I’m usually in double digits) is about music. And as anyone who writes about music will tell you, music is not a popular topic on Medium.

My most clapped for story (2.5k) is a silly “Bunny Blog” called “Why I Got A Cat.” Maybe there are just a lot of cat lovers on Medium. But I am not going to start writing about cats every day.

My fiction, which I think is my best writing, gets ignored for the most part. While I have had four wordless doodles that got curated.

In my experience, over-saturation has a detrimental effect also. If I post more than one story per day, my stats usually go down (although many Medium gurus tell you post more often.) It could be that old show business saying “always leave them wanting more.”

Or it could be that when someone feels it necessary to post every day, it leads to some unispired writing. I mean, who is actually reading all these “Quarantined: Day 12” diaries?

I also think people are actually reading less (and tweeting more) as they are obsessing about the word I shall not speak. Despite having more time to read, they are focused on the news and social media.

Best of luck to you, Amigo.

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Old bones. Young heart. Focusing on a wide variety of creativity. @markstarlin

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