More like a bunch of kids running around, growing up together in a small neighborhood. Having fun with their friends. Except now some of the kids have noticed how ugly the “grownup” world is and don’t want to come out and play anymore.

Bah. Analogies are never perfect. There are a lot of creative writers on Medium discouraged by the editorial direction Medium is taking. Or disillusioned that it turns out they can’t make a living writing on Medium. Or upset that their numbers are declining. But the home page was full of stuff I had no interest in when I started. I slowly found the writers I was interested in. Most are still here. They just seem to be less active. Which is sad.

I am not moving out yet. I still like my neighborhood friends. Even if old man Brown yells at me to stay off his lawn.

Come on out and play again friends. We can still have fun together.

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